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The West Virginia Filmmakers Film Festival

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Featured Filmmakers

Kevin Carpenter's

MMA in WV (Mixed Marshal Arts in West Virginia)

Kevin Carpenter has directed a very interesting look into the world of "mixed martial arts" in West Virginia. He interviewed several local and international people in this world of "ultimate fighting," including Steve Allred, head of the WV Athletic Commission, and Royce Gracie, a world champion. He also has Tim Lajcek and other local sports people talking about the fact that boxing is more injurious to fighters than MMA. Hopefully, his film will convince the state sports commissioners to change their minds about keeping one of the worlds most popular sports out of WV. Carpenter, who worked for "Sports Nuts" (an ESPN 2 show produced at WV State University under Dr. Marc Porter), is a MMA participant himself, locally and regionally. He hopes to combine his love for MMA and filmmaking with more films in the future


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