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The West Virginia Filmmakers Film Festival

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Schedule will be posted soon!

Featured Filmmakers

Ray Schmitt

West Virginia's most productive filmmaker, premiered his latest effort, "The Texture of Life: The Tusing Sisters of Branch Mountain," at the Lost River Museum and the Hardy County Public Library in October. The film is based on a short story written by Shepherdstown resident Kathy Sholl, and is a flashback of when she was a young girl from the city visiting her maiden aunts on their farm located on top of Branch Mountain in Lost River, Hardy County. The aunts, Ora and Lynn Tusing, were well known for their spinning and weaving, as well as their Mennonite lifestyle. The two sisters managed 200 acres of land, caring for cows, hogs, chickens and sheep and living life the "old-fashioned way." In 1972, representatives from the Smithsonian Institute visited the sister's to witness their weaving on a loom. The film is 28 minutes long.

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